Professional teeth whitening, customized to your one-of-a-kind needs that safely lifts many types of stains

At Complete Health Dentistry of SoCal, we live up to our name in more than a few ways. Led by our dentist, Dr Erela Katz Rappaport and, our team in Poway, California, accounts for the “complete you” when recommending products, techniques, or procedures to maintain or restore your health and wellbeing. Additionally, this expansive and highly personalized approach to dentistry transcends merely considering the teeth. Our team also offers comprehensive services that support the health of associated oral tissues and structures.

These holistic principles and comprehensive services are essential even when discussing teeth whitening because not all stains are equal. Some forms of discoloration are more amenable to certain whitening products than others. For instance, superficial or extrinsic stains are caused by the “usual culprits,” such as coffee, tea, and tobacco. Intrinsic or internal stains are largely more stubborn; they include white, gray, or blue discoloration caused by excess use of fluoride or tetracycline antibiotics in childhood. Likewise, white spots or discoloration can arise due to problems as the teeth form. Since white spots and other types of stains or shade anomalies can also indicate enamel erosion or tooth decay, it is critical that Drs Rappaport evaluate your teeth and the rest of your mouth to assure teeth whitening is appropriate. If we determine that teeth whitening is a great path forward to a more vibrant smile and renewed self-confidence, you may benefit from:

  • Professional “power” whitening – This procedure is completed in the office. The dentist primarily starts by protecting the surrounding gums and oral mucosa tissues with coverings such as a dental dam. Then, the whitening gel is evenly applied to the teeth that have been isolated. Since the surrounding tissues are protected, the risk of irritation and damage is minimized. Furthermore, this safeguard assures optimal and natural-looking results. Typically, the concentrated peroxide-based gel is “activated” to trigger and speed up the process of whitening the teeth. Often, patients can get their teeth lightened by several shades safely and comfortably within an hour-long dental appointment.
  • Professional at-home whitening – This approach involves using customized whitening trays that the patient applies from the comfort and convenience of their home. Unlike OTC trays, which are designed to “fit all mouths,” the trays that are prescribed professionally are designed to fit each patient’s mouth. So, there is peace of mind that the trays will fit comfortably and whiten evenly and naturally for a beautiful result. The trays are filled with whitening gel as directed before the tray is worn for a specified amount of time each day or night (during sleep). Aspects such as wear time are again “prescribed” and specific to the patient’s needs, goals, and other factors such as the risk or history of tooth sensitivity. With home whitening, you also get to experience many shades of whiter teeth; only the results are revealed gradually with days or weeks of wear time as instructed by your dentist.

We work closely with patients from throughout Poway, Rancho Bernardo, and greater San Diego to ensure their teeth remain a lovely shade of white and stay healthy. Products can be recommended, such as whitening toothpaste that are not abrasive and actually works as marketed. Likewise, we may suggest modifications to habits to sustain your healthiest, most attractive-looking smile. Regular professional cleanings by our registered dental hygienists further remove new stains that build upon the surfaces of the teeth. Book your visit today by calling Complete Health Dentistry of SoCal at (858) 726-5554 or request an appointment online.