The beautiful brilliance and superior strength of porcelain veneers

Cosmetic dental procedures at Complete Health Dentistry SoCal in Poway, California, are an excellent investment in yourself – your smile, confidence, and wellbeing! Porcelain veneers represent one of the most sought-after cosmetic dentistry treatments. Veneers are versatile; they are designed to treat a wide range of cosmetic imperfections. They are also durable and strong. Last but certainly not least, Dr. Erela Katz Rappaport fashions veneers from dental porcelain, which is known to replicate the natural appearance of properties of enamel well. Porcelain also resists stains better than other dental materials.

Porcelain veneers explained

As their name suggests, veneers are thin coverings. They may be made from various dental materials, including ceramics such as porcelain. Once the veneer is made in a dental lab, it is secured to the front surfaces of “prepared” natural teeth. The veneer then covers up the cosmetic imperfection. “Treatable” conditions include:

  • Gaps
  • Other minor spacing issues
  • Chips
  • Small cracks
  • Stubborn or very dark discoloration
  • Teeth that are poorly sized or irregularly-shaped

The idea behind veneers and related cosmetic procedures is to restore or achieve aesthetically-pleasing balance, harmony, and symmetry. For example, a tooth disguised by a taller or more evenly-contoured veneer looks more in proportion with the surrounding or opposing teeth.

Candidates for veneers

Dr. Rappaport may determine that you are a good candidate for the veneers process following an exam at our office. Patients generally have healthy mouths and sufficient tooth enamel to support the veneer. Keep in mind that veneers are essentially irreversible because a very slight amount of natural enamel must be removed from the tooth. This step is necessary for the veneer to fit on top of the tooth well. Veneers that fit well support an attractive appearance and healthy, lasting function and strength.

We can also discuss alternatives to porcelain veneers; for instance, “direct veneers” are better known as “dental bonding.” They do not involve removing any natural enamel and can be completed in one visit. They are also more cost-effective upfront. However, porcelain is considered superior in terms of stain resistance, aesthetics, and strength. So, we may find that porcelain or indirect veneers are a better investment and value.

Additionally, we believe that financial barriers should never stand in the way of your best smile. When you call us at (858) 726-5554 to schedule your appointment, be sure to ask about our Rappaport Dental VIP Club. This no-strings-attached in-house membership plan provides generous discounts on treatments for an affordable, predictable monthly membership fee.