Keep gums healthy, stay ahead of gum disease with proactive and gentle care

Periodontal is derived from the Greek words “peri” (for “around”) and “dontal” (for “teeth”). So, periodontal largely refers to the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth. These tissues include the red-pink gums. Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss. Fortunately, at Complete Health Dentistry of SoCal in Poway, California, we have many opportunities and ways to quickly, conservatively, painlessly, and precisely resolve progressive gum disease.

The power of prevention

During routine visits to our office or “check-ups,” Dr. Erela Katz Rappaport and our team will examine your gums. They gently use special instruments to detect even early-stage inflammation, which is typically asymptomatic or produces only subtle symptoms that can be missed or ignored.

Usually scheduled once every six months, these check-ups also present opportunities for our dental hygienists to professionally clean the teeth and gums. They are equipped to remove decay-producing substances such as stubborn plaque (“tartar” or “calculus”). Plaque releases toxins that break down the gums.

We can also discuss ways to prevent early problems from progressing; for instance, oral care products and cleaning techniques may be recommended to halt gum disease in its tracks. The effects of gum disease can be reversed when resolved early into the disease process before it has progressed from gingivitis to periodontitis.

More effective treatments; a better experience

Other dental offices in and around southern California may recommend scaling and root planing (SRP) or surgical periodontal therapy to resolve active disease. Recommendations are based on the extent or stage of the disease.

Also known as “deep cleaning,” SRP is available at Complete Health Dentistry SoCal; however, we use this technique in conjunction with ARESTIN®. This antibiotic is placed directly in the pockets that form between the teeth and gums. It delivers concentrated bacteria-fighting medication to support tissue healing. ARESTIN® may be prescribed on its own or combined with non-surgical deep cleaning via SRP.

Additionally, we may recommend the Perio Protect Method™, which delivers disease-fighting medicine to the areas that need it most (courtesy of specialized trays worn in the mouth). The use of Perio Protect helps patients to avoid the need for surgical intervention, which is generally more aggressive.

We won’t know what is best to restore or maintain the health of your gums until after we see you! Call us today at (858) 674-5954 to schedule your appointment, and don’t wait for changes to your gums to arise before reaching out. It is always preferred to get ahead of problems rather than be reactive and respond to issues after they have developed.