Choose us for effective, comfortable, and cosmetic teeth straightening … with SureSmile® and Invisalign®

Straightening crowded, crooked, and misaligned teeth has never been easier! At Complete Health Dentistry of SoCal in Poway, California, we offer advanced alternatives to traditional orthodontics. Instead of using fixed (non-removable) braces made from silver-colored metal, Dr. Erela Katz Rappaport offers two removable options made from advanced, transparent, and smooth plastics:

  • SureSmile®
  • Invisalign®

These alternatives to braces for straightening the teeth and correcting bite issues are as effective as braces for many cases; however, our patients appreciate that they are comfortable, hassle-free, and discreet – the aligners are not visible when they smile! Additionally, SureSmile® and Invisalign® support oral health throughout treatment. There are no brackets or wires to contend with when brushing or flossing the teeth, as these treatments are removable. Patients also don’t have to worry about breaking parts of their braces on hard or chewy foods and are not limited to certain foods during treatment. Again, this advantage is due to such orthodontics being removable and not secured to the teeth (braces can only be removed and adjusted by a dentist or orthodontist).

The magic of aligners

Both SureSmile® and Invisalign® use clear aligners to facilitate tooth movements. These aligners are primarily made from proprietary plastics. They are smooth, see-through, and customized to fit your mouth perfectly.

At the start of treatment, you will be provided with sets of aligners. It is important to wear each aligner as directed by Dr. Rappaport. This means that you can only take them out for brushing, flossing, and eating. It also means that you must wear the aligners in the correct order. There are slight differences between aligners, which correspond with various stages of treatment. Each aligner places gentle force on the teeth to reposition them. Wearing these appliances in the correct order allows treatment to progress and remain on schedule.

Dr. Rappaport will also discuss when to stop by our office throughout treatment, so she can check that everything is going as planned.

Getting straighter teeth starts today

Call Complete Health Dentistry of SoCal at (858) 726-5554 to schedule your appointment at our Poway office. During that visit, Dr. Rappaport can even use special software to show you how your teeth will look after treatment – once they are straightened. She can also discuss the differences between the two systems, which are each made from different plastics. We may also discuss alternatives to orthodontics, depending on the nature and extent of any spacing issues present in your smile.

Clear Aligners - Before & After Results