Precision fit and planning are the “secret” to comfortable dentures that look like natural teeth!

If Complete Health Dentistry SoCal in Poway, California, cannot preserve a badly decayed or severely damaged tooth, we have many options for prompt and precise tooth replacement. We complete smiles and restore them to their natural appearance and healthy structure and function by replacing teeth.

For patients missing several teeth or all of the teeth in the upper and lower arches, Dr. Erela Katz Rappaport works closely with them to plan, design, fit, and adjust dentures. So, they look, feel, and function like natural, healthy teeth.

We take pride in our exacting, unhurried approach to partial and complete dentures. By regularly checking in with patients throughout the process and taking multiple impressions or molds of the teeth, we help to assure the proper fit that is so associated with the satisfaction that patients get from their dentures.

After all, the optimal fit is a must when you consider how conventional dentures are designed:

  • Partials – Replacement teeth and gum tissue are made from dental materials such as acrylic. This prosthetic is matched to the natural color of your teeth and gums. So, the denture doesn’t look fake or plastic. The teeth and gums sit on a metal framework, which connects to the remaining natural teeth in the smile.
  • Complete or full dentures – This option is for those patients who do not have any remaining healthy teeth, either in the upper or the lower arch or jaw. An upper and lower denture may be necessary for edentulous patients who do not have any remaining healthy teeth or may hold on to a few aching, badly damaged teeth that need to be extracted. Instead of connecting to teeth like partials, these dentures must rely on natural suction and conforming to the mouth’s contours for their stability. Denture adhesive and other products can also help to support comfort and retention.

As you can see, due to the nature of the traditional denture design, we must collect as much accurate information about your mouth as possible. We can then convey that information to our skilled denture lab, which will make your new teeth and gums. This process requires that several impressions or models of your mouth be made.

For instance, we can place an immediate denture right after teeth are extracted. However, this denture is only provisional or temporary. To get the correct measurements of your mouth, we must wait until the extraction sites have healed and any swelling following the procedure has gone down. From these healed impressions, our denturists can make your well-fitting dentures.

We want to forget you are wearing your dentures. They shouldn’t feel like you are “wearing” anything – they should just “be” a part of your mouth. To accomplish this, we partner with you at every stage of the adjustment process to provide tips on speaking and eating with your dentures and ways to keep them clean and healthy. Additionally, we will want to visit with you regularly to make sure you are happy with them and to make any adjustments or repairs as needed.

We can also discuss implant-supported dentures, thanks to modern dentistry and technologies. These dentures are “rooted” or stabilized in the mouth by the “artificial tooth roots”: dental implants.

Few dental services are as life-transforming and well-being-enhancing as tooth replacement with partials and dentures! Please do not delay reaching out to us to restore your healthy, vibrant smile-Call (858) 726-5554 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Rappaport at Complete Health Dentistry SoCal.