Dental implants to replace teeth: A natural design supports an attractive smile, healthy and lasting function

Our team rejuvenates patients’ total health by replacing teeth to restore a complete smile. Led by Dr. Erela Katz Rappaport, Complete Health Dentistry SoCal in Poway, California, offers many options to replace missing teeth or those teeth that cannot be preserved through other means (such as root canal therapy). While modern tooth replacement with dental implants is attractive to many patients, it is not unlike other treatments or services – in that no single treatment or service is appropriate for everyone!

Dr. Rappaport uses her considerable knowledge and onsite capabilities to determine if you are a suitable candidate for crowns, bridges, or dentures supported by implants. She can also discuss alternatives to implants that restore a patient’s confidence, function, smile, health, and well-being. After all, our team appreciates that the functions we maintain and restore are vital to overall health and wellness.

We assure you that all forms of tooth replacement at our office are precisely-designed and fit optimally to allow for efficient and comfortable chewing that promotes a nutritious diet and proper digestion. Additionally, by filling in gaps in the smile, our patients have a renewed sense of self, and they can speak clearly and confidently without worrying about dentures slipping around or being judged due to their missing or noticeably damaged teeth.

Why implants are so attractive

We referenced that many of our patients want dental implants to rebuild their smiles following, for instance, the loss of a single tooth or the extraction of several teeth. We have seen the transformations that occur with these patients firsthand, and they are nothing short of amazing.

The beauty of replacing teeth retained by dental implants is in their design. They are designed to mimic the structure or anatomy of healthy, natural teeth. It heals and joins the surrounding bone naturally. Once the implant has healed, she can then attach the tooth’s visible part to it. The replacement tooth is held in place by the implant in the jaw. So, implants are designed to function like natural tooth roots. A single implant can support a dental crown or one replacement tooth. Or a few strategically-positioned implants may be used to replace several teeth in a bridge or denture.

Due to their natural design, implant replacement teeth look natural, are comfortable, function well, and last a long time with consistent oral care. Also, implant teeth prevent or stop destructive bone loss. There are special tools sometimes. Maintain regular dental check-ups and good home care, as recommended by Dr. Rappaport.

A world of options

It is vital for patients who undergo implant placement to be generally healthy and have sufficient jawbone to support their implants. We can discuss options for patients, which may include well-fitting dentures. There is sure to be a way to rejuvenate your smile, restore your health, and renew your overall well-being at Complete Health Dentistry SoCal. Call us today at (858) 726-5554 to schedule your appointment or request an appointment online.