We repair cavities quickly and conservatively with highly cosmetic composite fillings

When partnering with Complete Health Dentistry SoCal in Poway, California, patients have many opportunities to prevent or halt the progression of oral problems, ranging from enamel erosion (tooth decay) to periodontal inflammation (gum disease). In many cases, patients with early-stage decay or erosion affecting the outermost protective covering of the tooth, dental enamel, can restore their oral health with hygiene modifications. For instance, our dentist, Dr. Erela Katz Rappaport, may demonstrate helpful cleaning techniques or recommend professional services such as dental sealants or fluoride supplements.

Patients with more extensive decay may benefit from composite fillings. This type of dental restoration is commonly used to “fill in” areas of decay called “cavities.” A cavity is quite literally a hole in the surface of the tooth. It is caused by the decay process; when food particles are not brushed or flossed away, the starches and sugars in these foods mix with oral bacteria to produce harmful plaque. Dental plaque breaks down the tooth’s structure from the outside inward.

Additionally, it releases toxins that erode the attachments or supportive soft tissues (gums) surrounding the teeth. Like dental decay, if periodontal disease is allowed to progress, the damage can be devastating. In addition to the loss of the affected teeth, the supportive bone also deteriorates.

So, it is essential for Dr. Rappaport to evaluate your mouth regularly. She can detect problems using her keen knowledge and state-of-the-art diagnostics. Early-stage oral issues often go undetected without the intervention of dental professionals because they do not produce symptoms, or those symptoms are very subtle and easy to ignore. By intervening with problems early into the decay or disease process, little to no trauma or alteration of natural tissues may be necessary to restore the structural integrity and health of the affected teeth or gums.

The benefits of cosmetic, conservative composite fillings

In the case of composite fillings, we can use these restorations made from a mix of plastic resins and glass-like fillers to avoid the need for more invasive and less “tooth-preserving” procedures. Patients with more extensive damage may require dental inlays, dental onlays (“partial crowns”), and dental crowns. If the decay process continues unabated, it can lead to such severe damage that the tooth may only be preserved with root canal therapy (RCT) followed by a dental crown.

Teeth that are not good candidates for RCT or ones that do not heal fully following such treatment may need to be removed with extraction techniques. Tooth replacement is more expensive, time-consuming, and invasive than the other dental restorative procedures mentioned here.

Conversely, composite fillings for earlier-stage decay, fractures, and other trauma are:

  • Fast – can be completed in one visit
  • Well-tolerated – the affected tooth is precisely numbed so that you won’t feel any discomfort
  • Aesthetic – the composite is flawlessly color-matched to blend in well with the rest of the tooth and surrounding teeth
  • Long-lasting – just care for your filled tooth like you would a natural tooth, and it can last for many years without the need for repairs or replacement

Tooth sensitivity and stains on the tooth’s surface may be signs that you need to see us sooner rather than later! If your tooth is damaged, we need to treat it promptly. Call us without delay at (858) 726-5554. Or request an appointment right now on this website.