Treat gum disease non-invasively with Arestin®, a twist on conventional antibiotic therapy

Gum disease is a process. That means there are many opportunities to identify and resolve it proactively by partnering with our team at Complete Health Dentistry SoCal in Poway, California. Additionally, as a progressive disease, this condition calls for many different approaches to resolve it effectively and efficiently. Ideally, our dentist, Dr. Erela Katz Rappaport, wants to stop gum disease in its tracks before the supportive soft tissues and bone are destroyed. In its earliest stages, the effects of gum disease can even be reversed.

Arestin® presents a way to treat the root cause of gum disease: harmful bacteria. It does so in a non-invasive and gentle way that is no less powerful and effective.

The process

Following an evaluation at our office, Dr. Rappaport may recommend Arestin®, the brand name for the antibiotic minocycline hydrochloride. Arestin® is delivered in a unique and beneficial way; instead of using pills or conventional oral medications, ARESTIN® is placed directly in the periodontal pockets beneath the gum line. These pockets or spaces form between the teeth and gums. Perio pockets grow larger as the disease progresses without treatment.

The pockets tend to collect bacteria, plaque, tartar, and other disease-causing substances, making the condition worse. One of the advantages of this approach is that we can precisely place the Arestin® as tiny microsphere particles in the infected areas, which need the antibiotic the most. The antibiotic is, in turn, concentrated for maximum effectiveness and released gradually overtime to kill bacteria and support periodontal healing. Ultimately, the microspheres that contain Arestin® dissolve safely on their own.

Candidates for Arestin®

Arestin® may be combined with scaling and root planing to enhance the effectiveness of this non-surgical “deep clean” therapy. Additionally, Dr. Rappaport may place Arestin® during a follow-up visit after SRP or as part of routine periodontal maintenance. It’s essential to follow any instructions provided by our office to promote the maximum effectiveness of this revolutionary treatment, and that includes scheduling and keeping follow-up appointments to maintain control of the levels of harmful bacteria in the mouth and, in turn, to prevent reinfection.

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